3rd project meeting in Tenerife / Spain (21st – 29th October 2016)

Reported by Maja kovačić, Neža Mastnak, Blaž Pavlič, Tadej Majcen and Miha Vehovar

Friday, 21.10. – the 1st DAY OF ERASMUS+ MEETING(TENERIFE)

Our trip began when we packed ourselves into school van in front of Franjo Malgaj primary school early in the morning. We continued our trip with driving to the Italian airport in Treviso. With a little break we got to the airport at about 10 o’clock. First we got rid of our luggage and then we waited for check in. After long time waiting we finally got on plane with 20 min delay. On the plane we had our seats separately so we all met lots of new people. We were really surprised about the number of Slovenian passengers. Mr. Headmaster enjoyed in company of Slovenian philosopher and his wife, Neža had fun with an Italian couple and their 10 months old boy Diego and also Maja enjoyed in watching cartoons with two kids from Celje. The flight was surprisingly calm with no issues. At 17:35 when our plane arrived our Spanish hosting families waited for us. Then we all got home with our hosts and had a great afternoon with them.

Saturday, 22.10. and Sunday, 23.10.- the 2nd and the 3rd DAY OF ERASMUS+ PROJECT

So today, on Saturday we were depending on our hosts which prepared a plan how we’re going to spend the day. Kathrin and her family took us to a tour of ”El Medano” beach. There we soaked feet into the Atlantic ocean, walked down the beach and felt the charm of volcanic sand. After enjoying the beach we drew back to home where we had lunch. We tried their avocado and something else for what we don’t know the name but both was really great. For desert we also had mango and ice cream. Then we afforded a long break to 7 o’clock and then we drew to ”Las Cristianosa”. There we had fun with shopping and enjoying time with our family. We got home really late at about 11 o’clock so we only had another mango got dinner. We spent our day with a big smile on our faces. But the funniest thing was our accidents communicating with family. ”Buenas noches”

Sunday, we again started separately with our families. We went to Loro Parque to the Northern part of the island. We got there with Kathrin, her little brother and her aunt. In the park we saw a lot of new amazing animals which we aren’t able to see in Slovenia or anywhere near. Giant orcas said hi with special voices but their attraction was spraying the audience with water. We were sitting in the first row so we were all wet and for the excellent day it started raining. But anyway we continued. We also saw crocodiles, Galapagos turtles, sharks, flamingos, dolphins, lots of parrots, medusas, sea whips, black panther, Siberian tiger, emperor penguins and sea lions where we met our teachers which didn’t recognize us because of the raincoats. Despite bad weather we had lots of fun. We bought some souvenirs and of course bonbons. At the end of the day we thanked our family with Slovenian pancakes and they really liked it. After the dinner we fell asleep immediately because we were tired from whole day. But in our minds we were really excited for the next day to meet other students in Erasmus+.

Monday, 24.10.- the 4th DAY OF ERASMUS+ PROJECT

After three days we finally went to school and started to get know other Spanish kids. Luckily Spanish schools starts school the same as we do so we didn’t have to get up earlier. A bit before the start we met each other in front of the school and shared amazing experiences from previous three days. We figured out that Spanish people are not so good in English so we already learned a lot of new Spanish words(pan, dias, tardes, noches…). So we decided to greet our teacher in Spanish when they arrive: Como estas amigos?(How are you?). And we quickly got an answer that the saying practice makes a master if a master makes practice is right. After the teachers came we all merged in main lobby. What we saw there took us a breath. Spanish art teacher made a huge carpet by sand with Erasmus sign. After short instructions from music teacher we went to multifunctional room and waited for teachers to end breakfast. In that time one of the teacher took us to a tour of school where we were really surprised about the number of student’s nationalities. On this school there are about 35 different nationalities. About 10am we started with a greeting from Spanish teacher and a presentation of school activities. They gave us cards with our names and it was really funny because the didn’t say our names correct. Like that Neža was Neisha, Miha was Miaja, Maja was Maha and teacher Niko was Nikola. After that part they called us again to lobby where we had to finish the carpet. They drew on every site names of project countries and we had to fill them with sand. We had 30 minutes but Slovenia was the longest name(in Spanish is: Eslovenia), so we got help from Polish student.  When we finished we had a break to eat snack. In Town Hall of Granadilla later their Meyer had a speech for welcome. At the end we got gifts. After a group photo we went to culinary school in Adeje to lunch where we were served by their students. Than after big lunch we went to bus for back to school(it was raining again and only teacher Jure had an umbrella). When we got back they told us we have a meeting dance in the evening too. On the dance teachers Jure and Niko showed us some moves from their age and it was really funny. I have to say it was really nice, we got to know Spanish dance, but think Slovenians can make better parties.

Tuesday, 25.10. – the 5th DAY OF ERASMUS+ PROJECT

Just like on Monday we met at 8.20am in front of the school today too. We were waiting for bus. We drove to town La Laguna. In a researching centre IAC the astronomer Alfred Rosenberg showed us the equipment and work of the astronomer. After that presentation a woman astronomer which showed us important astronomic discoveries and meaning of their telescopes on El Teide. On the roof of scientific and astronomic museum with the explanation of telescopes we also observed sun spots and made a lot of group pictures. In planetarium we watched a movie about formation of the universe and life on Earth. We detailed observed the museum where were figuring different legality of science. In the old part of La Laguna we had traditional Spanish lunch. We got to the bus a little wet because the rainy storm caught us again. For the end of the day we had a lot of free time in shopping centre Santa Cruz(the capital of Tenerife). After that we drove to their concert hall, took some pictures and went back to our town San Isidro.

Wednesday, 26.10.- the 6th DAY OF ERASMUS+ PROJECT

We spent the morning in school with interesting presentation about volcanoes by volcanologist David Calva Fernandez. He presented us the theory of formation of Canary islands which incurred as a result of volcanic eruptions in last 10 million years. We found out that the volcanoes on Canary islands are active now too because the practically erupt on every 100 years. The last eruption on Tenerife island was good 100 years ago but on neighbor island it erupted few years ago. We continued with an hour of relaxation which was guided by and theatre actor Baltasar. In workshops of pantomime had to imitate famous fairytales in 5 pictures. In afternoon, we drove under the El Teide which was for the first time covered with snow. We saw fields of coagulated lava and had an amazing time on volcano.

Thursday, 27.10.- the 7th DAY OF ERASMUS+ PROJECT

The day, we were waiting for such a long time finally came and it started at 5am. After the ride to the airport we flew with plane to an island La Palma. First we saw the caldera of volcano there and then we continued the way towards the main goal, 2300m high volcano ridge Roque de los Muchachos where is the observatory. It’s one of three most important observatories on the world- dream to every person looking to the sky. On serpentine road and lots of fog we drove up there. The air pressure was getting low while driving to the top. When we saw the first one in the string of observatories, the collector of gamma rays, we already felt the excitement. Next was a tour of an object of Italian telescope Galileo, the Scandinavian one and then finally the biggest one, GranTeCan telescope. They allowed to go in to its dome where we saw the telescope. With few meters of diameter and more than 10 meters of length is one of the biggest telescopes on the world. Its view reaches far over our horizon and our perception of universe. It sees past and predicts future. Respect, that a person feels with a machine like that is indescribable. Dream became reality and we can only thank our friends from Tenerife. Full of impressions and excitement we went back to the airport and flew with plane back to Tenerife.

Friday, 28.10. and Saturday, 29.10- the 8th and the 9th DAY OF ERASMUS+ PROJECT

The last day of Erasmus+ meeting we spent half in school and half with our hosts. The day began like every day with coming to school in the morning. When the teacher finished with breakfast we went to main room where we had presentation about famous astronomers and astronomic workshops. Miha made a big impression with presenting his video about famous astronomers. Then all other countries presented their selves. Next was the presentations of astronomic workshops. In the name of Slovenia, Maja did that presentation. After half hour break we only had astronomic quiz made by Polish team. Official end of the meeting was ending with that. We all got our recognitions. We made a lot of group pictures and said goodbye to some students. We were free in the afternoon. A lot of students went to the beach, but we prepared birthday surprise party for Tadej. There we had fun with food and dance for the last time. Late at night we packed last things and got amazing gifts from our hosting families. Then we went to sleep.

We woke up early in the morning and drove to the airport. Maja was already feeling really sick when she woke up so she threw up 3 times what actually didn’t make our way back any better. When we got to the airport we were waiting to our teachers with sad faces. To all it was really hard to say goodbye. We made a lot of photos, cried a lot and the hugs just didn’t end. But we had to say goodbye. We got on the plane at 10.10am and flew towards Slovenia. The flight was calm without bigger turbulences. We arrived to airport in Graz at 4.15pm. Then we waited for our luggage and drove to home with our caretaker Zoran. Our parents were already waiting in front of school and then we went home. With that, our trip ended, but in our hearts stayed new friends and indescribable memories.

2nd project meeting in Gorlice / Poland

Reporting by Sara Vehovar & Zala Gazvoda

The arrival day

On the 2nd April 2016 an adventurous crew from Franjo Malgaj Primary School set sail to Poland. We got to Vienna by a school van and from there we continued our journey by a train to Krakow. The night on the train was pretty interesting, but it was really great that we managed to sleep on it. In Krakow we spent most of our time in a café, playing a game called “Kaj bi bilo, če bi …”.

We took a bus from Krakow to Gorlice. That was our least comfortable way to travel, but still we all took a short nap on it, which gave us strength for the meeting with our hosts. It was a close cut because otherwise we wouldn’t even make it to Gorlice since our beloved teachers lost their orientation. Even when we finally got to Gorlice we didn’t go off on the correct bus stop, so we had to take a short walk around Gorlice. When our amazing hosts came to us our paths separated. Some of us went for a walk, others to the local church for a concert, and some were only eating at their host’s home.

1st day

It is the second day in Poland.

At first we came to school by cars, buses, on foot or any other way. Then we met again. We officially opened the meeting in Poland. They showed us their 110 years old school and we learned a lot of new things about Poland. Then we went for a short walk through their classrooms. Afterwards we had some free time to play volleyball, basketball and other fun activities. But the fun had to end because we were divided into groups and went to the classrooms for english lessons. There we were together with students from the third year and they were solving working sheets with us. We were also talking about ourselves.

Around 1 p.m. we went to a restaurant named “Dark pub” for lunch and we physically prepared ourselves for the game, which our hosts prepared for us. We were in different groups again and we went for a short orientation around Gorlice which lasted two hours. It was very funny and during the game we met a lot of people. After this game, they announced the winner and we were free to go home but of course nobody wanted to do that, so most of us went to a restaurant and then to the store to get some food and drinks for tomorrow. But at last we had to, although not happy with it, separate and slowly go home.

2nd day

The third day of our mission has sadly already passed now. It was quite exhausting since it started at 7.30 am, and ended at about 11.00 pm. We went to Krakow with our favourite thing to travel with – the bus. This way was much more comfortable than the first one although it took us two hours. A guide showed us around Krakow and presented interesting history. We were free for almost four hours, so we took a bite of pizza and kebab. Then we bought some souvenirs for our families and took a short walk around the park. We went to a small town Niepolomice where we observed the Sun, Jupiter and its moons. We were also in a small planetarium where we all almost took a short nap. We ended our day with a ride back to Gorlice and we went totally exhausted and full of amazing adventures into our beds.


3rd day


Today we were able to sleep longer because of the handful Tuesday. At school there was a conference about light pollution. We were introduced to problems of astronomers because of it and how to fix the problem. We also had a contest for the best “Turn off the lights and save energy” poster. The judges from Slovenia were mr. Jure and Zala. Sadly none of the Slovenian posters got an award.

Meanwhile the rest of us went to workshops to create spectrograms and solar dials.
Because today we also didn’t want to separate right after the official ending,  we went to the restaurant together and afterwards the bowling. But that also ended and we had to go back to our comfortable beds.
4th day
Today we started the day with two very interesting presentations about astrophotography
and history of the private observatory near Gorlice. Since we were so excited about it, we
looked at the Sun, its explosions and sunspots.
We had four hours for lunch and other activities at home, then we had to go back to school
and drove towards small village Radocyna by bus. This village is only four kilometres away
from the border with Slovakia. There we were also looking at the sun and calculated its
activity. Then the teachers were so generous to leave us to do what we wanted, so we
played volleyball. Because we were cold, we roasted sausages on the fire. We were still
hungry, so we afforded ourselves Russian dumplings. We returned home pretty late, but still we had to pack our suitcases, since there will be no time on Friday.

5th day

In the morning the hosts gave us certificates for cooperation and also memory gifts. We drove to tourist place Krynica that is known for winter and spa tourism by bus. We ascended to Parkowa Mountain by drag lift and there we had lunch together in magnificent ambience. The time for our departure was approaching that is why we had to say goodbye to all participant teams. Farewell was really touching since we have spent marvellous and creative week together full of positive energy. We drove to Krakow by bus and then by train to Vienna. Our school caretaker was already waiting there for us  and then he drove us home by van.


Earth Hour in 4th grades

Even students from 4. a and 4. b are environmentally conscious because they made posters connected with Earth Hour.

Their message is clear – leave our planet so we will be able to live in a nice way. We want to have clean air, water and soil, healthy nature and animals. We wish this even for our children in the future!

This principle has a name Sustainable behaviour and development. Our duty is to respect that.

Well done 4th graders!

Here you can see the contributes that millions of people all over the world gave in accordance to the Earth Hour.

Save the Energy – Turn off the Light (Earth Hour)

Air pollution. Greenhouse gas emissions. Global warming. Bringing attention to environmental issues like these are what Earth Day is all about. But what can you—a single, solitary person—really do to help save the planet? Plenty.

You could plant a tree, ride your bike to work, and buy your produce from a local farm instead of a big name grocer. You could also use rechargeable batteries, pay your bills online, and opt for paper instead of plastic bags at the store.

On the Saturday, 19th of March 2016, between 8.30 pm and 9.30 pm we will turn off the lights.

Please visit the official EarthHour web-page, check COMPUTER GRAPHIC COMPETITION – RULES and make some posters till the 19th of March.

See what Leonardo di Caprio has told about climate change at winning the Oscar.

(vir: youtube)



1st transnational meeting in Šentjur / Slovenia

In the week from 23rd to 30th November Franjo Malgaj Primary School  was hosting the first international project meeting.

In addition to the number of our students from the 9th and 8th grade also 21 students and 12 mentors came from Poland, Romania, Turkey and Spain.

In accordance with the programme we have implemented a variety of astronomical contents such as astrophotos, analysis and competition for the best photography in the context of the programme Sally Ride EarthKAM, astronomical observations and workshops in Prevorje and Kurešček, the Stellarium program, astronomy lectures at the AOG Golovec and AD Labod, the presentation of the Solar System and the participating countries, the tour of Ljubljana and Celje, the visit of KSEVT in Vitanje, preparation of multimedia materials (website, FB, interviews), visiting planetarium and social events, etc.

The Opening Ceremony video

Please check out our photos in the Gallery.