Save the Energy – Turn off the Light (Earth Hour)

Air pollution. Greenhouse gas emissions. Global warming. Bringing attention to environmental issues like these are what Earth Day is all about. But what can you—a single, solitary person—really do to help save the planet? Plenty.

You could plant a tree, ride your bike to work, and buy your produce from a local farm instead of a big name grocer. You could also use rechargeable batteries, pay your bills online, and opt for paper instead of plastic bags at the store.

On the Saturday, 19th of March 2016, between 8.30 pm and 9.30 pm we will turn off the lights.

Please visit the official EarthHour web-page, check COMPUTER GRAPHIC COMPETITION – RULES and make some posters till the 19th of March.

See what Leonardo di Caprio has told about climate change at winning the Oscar.

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Thanks to the Participants

2nd December, 2015

Dear coordinators, mentors and students,

the first national meeting Erasmus + is finished. We hope that it was successful even for you and that you managed to experience the education in another way. We had an opportunity to meet other cultures, habits and languages. Special bonds among us will enrich our future. And this is education/school as well. We believe that you will manage to maintain your contacts with our students and we are looking forward to meeting you again according to project Reach the Sky.

We would like to sincerely thank you for your support during the project because you enabled us to carry out the project. We would like to thank you in the name of the management of our school and our students’ parents.

»United in diversity« (the motto of  the EU)

Erasmus+ Team